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Bone health and Fractures

Article reposted with permission from Dr. Lani Simpson: What Fractures Tell About Our Bones Article Summary: • Fractures can be a sign of poor bone health, even though they are a common occurrence.  • Bones are living tissue that require a balance between resorption and formation to remain healthy.  • Factors that can contribute […]

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Sticks and Stones - and Fosamax, May Break My Bones

My friend and colleague, Dr. Lani Simpson - Author:  Dr. Lani's No Nonsense Bone Health Guide, is my guest blogger this month. Fractures:  Is Anyone Listening? There are many types of fractures; a stress fracture is one of them. A stress fracture can be a normal response to repeated stress upon normal bone. A good […]

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Milk Linked to Fractures: 10 Better Foods for Strong Bones

Guest Blogger: Margie King Science has once again shattered the myth that milk makes strong bones.  A new Swedish study links drinking milk to higher rates of bone fractures and even death.[i] The study tracked the eating habits of over 60,000 women for 20 years and over 45,000 men for 15 years. Researchers found that […]

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