Why Olive Oil is Good for Your Bones

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Kalamata Olives

Guest Blogger, Margie King

Thanks to a pervasive advertising campaign involving milk mustaches, most of us grew up convinced that milk is essential for building strong bones.  But it’s time to bust that myth when it comes to your postmenopausal bone health with olive oil.

According to a new study involving olive oil maybe we should be sporting greasy green-gold mustaches instead.


5 Better Bone-Building Foods

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Have you been cracking your bones with your teeth? Here’s what I mean by that…

Every time you eat something you make a choice to either build your bones or weaken them.

Here are 5 bone-busting foods to avoid and what to eat instead.


Milk Linked to Fractures: 10 Better Foods for Strong Bones

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a woman drinking a glass of milk

Guest Blogger: Margie King

Science has once again shattered the myth that milk makes strong bones.  A new Swedish study links drinking milk to higher rates of bone fractures and even death.[i]

The study tracked the eating habits of over 60,000 women for 20 years and over 45,000 men for 15 years. Researchers found that drinking more milk did NOT lead to lower risks of bone fracture.  In fact, women who drank three glasses of milk per day broke more bones.  Compared to women who drank less than one glass per day, heavy milk drinkers had a 60% greater risk of breaking a hip and a 16% higher risk of breaking any bone.

But it gets worse.  People who drank more milk also had a higher risk of dying from any cause.  For every glass of milk they drank every day, women had a 15% higher risk of death and men had a 3% higher risk.

Why does milk lead to more broken bones and higher death rates?


Death By Calcium – Stepping Away from Calcium Supplements

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death by calcium graphic

The last thing you should be taking for your bones is a calcium supplement.  And don’t even think about drinking a glass of milk.

That’s according to Dr. Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD.  In his recent book Death By Calcium he turns everything you thought you knew about bone health upside down.  Starting with calcium.


Strong Bones and Milk: Relax! Light up a cigarette and have a tall glass of milk.

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Woman Smoking

“Sit back and light up a cigarette – it does a body good.”

As shocking as that sounds today, there was a time when it was widely accepted.

My early memories are filled with smokers.  In the 50’s my parents would light a cigarette whenever they wanted to relax:  during and after family meals, cocktail hour, canasta gatherings, or in solitude as a reflective tool.

My childhood career was “find mommy’s cigarettes.”