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Irma Jennings

Living My Passion

My Personal Story

My nutritional awareness came in with a B-A-N-G.

I took myself to the emergency room, in the middle of yet another sleepless night, leaving behind my husband and 4-year-old son. Symptom: I thought my head was going to explode.

Diagnosis: Migraines, Adrenal Fatigue, Osteopenia


In my belly churned the bone depleting and nauseating acids; a bi-product of my fast-paced life which lacked self-care. This all seemed to be normal behavior in the fast lane, until my health crisis awakened a deep calling that wouldn’t shut-up.

Little did I know that this moment would be the beginning of a long and painful transition, whose “slap-in-the-face” awakening would shine a light and challenge my life-long fundamental beliefs. Little did I know my diagnosis would be the way back home to myself.

But first, I would have to challenge the life-long programming I didn’t realize was running my life.

I was living a lie.

I was not feeding my soul, but my materialistic accumulations and my 401K. A woman on Wall Street, I believed I had to work harder than my male colleagues to get recognition. I was often the first one at work and the last one to leave, and still, my paycheck was less than theirs. My high-profiled Wall Street life; with phones ringing all around, the din of excitement as voices screamed reporting transactions, slowly destroyed my nervous system as I devoured my “processed food” lunch. The chronic tension in my neck and shoulders became normal. And, the more disconnected I became from my body and my soul, the less I even noticed.

I was too focused on my clients who trusted me with their “buckets of bucks.”
Life took a sharp left when I joined my son’s 5th grade class, for their week-long class trip to an organic/biodynamic farm. I was awed by the RESPECT given to the animals, the land, and the food by the farmers. One morning, when I was naturally PULLED out of a deep slumber at 4:30am, I felt like I’d awoken for the first time. The peaceful early morning rustling of the farm animals and activities seemed like a symphony. At the barn entrance, I froze at the sight of the farmers as they quietly and rhythmically milked the cows. Outside, the chickens were scratching the earth for their breakfast. The hush in the air felt so familiar and so foreign. A far cry from my over scheduled life in NYC, this peace was where new life was taking me.

Would I go willingly? And Where?
That’s when I heard the whisper, “Food is Medicine.” It called me.
I didn’t know exactly where I was going, but one thing was for sure…

I Had To Get Out!

My Good-byes

Saying goodbye to my Wall Street career knowing I would never change the imbalances in power I experienced there brought me to the Institute of Integrated Nutrition ® in 2003 for its two-year program ending with an immersion trip to India where I began my in-depth study of the relationship between food and nourishment.
I continued in Bali, Northern California, Thailand, to name a few of the places I followed the greatest teachers of food as medicine. My biggest takeaway was that I began to see the food I’d eaten in my previous life as a metaphor for what I swallowed, stuffed-down, and couldn’t digest.
It was, with the clarity that comes from hindsight, I realized my bones had taken the brunt of my self-destructive choices. It was then I realized my diagnosis with osteopenia was a blessing

My Deep Healing

With grace and ease, I went deeper into the marrow of my bones. Determined to repair the relationship, I promised to live in balance and harmony, loving every day, eating mindfully with gratitude and respect for my food.

Irma Jennings and Skelley Dancing

From Victim to Victor

I went from being a victim of my too-fast-for-me paced life, and my bone diagnosis, to being fully present. It all began with food as medicine, and issued in a major life transformation for the better

My latest Dexa validated the strength of my bones. No doubt, the result of twenty years of incorporating my own tools; cooking mineral-rich foods, consuming herbal tea infusions that build and maintain strong bones, doing weight-bearing exercises, meditating, eliminating refined sugars and toxic relationships. I’ve surrounded myself with loving people. I’ve got skyrocket energy. Not only that, but I never did become an instant old lady, and by now I’m pretty confident I never will.

Greater still, my clients trust me with their Bones! So much more rewarding than the “Buckets of Bucks” people put me in charge of back in the day. Food For Healthy Bones, it’s the name of my business and where my journey began. It can be the beginning for you too.

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From my bones to yours!

Irma Jennings, INHC
Osteoporosis Patient Navigator

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