5 Reasons To Root For Your Bones

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root vegetables

You know what they say about getting to the root of a problem. That’s where you find the solution.  And root vegetables are exactly where you find one of the solutions for weak bones.

Let me explain


6 Reasons Why Your Bones Love These Kale Chips

By: | Posted in: Blog, Featured | Friday, Jan 22, 2016 - 9:45pm
irma and a bunch of kale

When Skelly (the skeleton and bones that lives in us all) wants a special treat I pull out my recipe for kale chips. You see, kale is a superfood when it comes to building strong bones. Here’s why.


5 Reasons Your Bones Love Mushrooms

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irma and bone building mushrooms

Here are 5 reasons your bones love mushrooms.  Did you know there are more than 38,000 varieties of mushrooms in the world?  It’s pretty astounding.  Some are superfoods, some are medicinal, and some are deadly poisons.

But no matter what kind of mushrooms you eat (except the poison ones!) your bones will thank you.


Is Your Blood Sucking the Life Out of Your Bones?

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Man Diving In Reef

I was recently intrigued by a report on PBS about how the rising acid levels in the oceans are eating away at the coral reefs.  Those mineral-rich “bones” of the sea suffer from their own version of “osteoporosis.”

And it’s not just the coral.  Marine animals like scallops, oysters, and clams that rely on calcium to build their shells are having a harder time as carbon dioxide raises the acid levels of their environment.  Shells are becoming thinner, and shell growth is slowing down.