Bone Turnover Markers with Dr. McCormick

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Hello friends of bones:

I’m happy to present my Bone Turnover Marker PDF from my interview with Dr. McCormick.

We discussed:

What are Bone Markers?

Why are they necessary?

What is the best way to get an effective test?

My gift to my community is the easy-to-navigate clickable transcript.


Osteoporosis Related Fracture Risk

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Complete Blood Count

When I receive my yearly Complete Blood Count blood work, I look over the numbers with my doctor checking if anything is out of range. I didn’t consider blood work to be a measure for osteoporosis related risk factors.   However, in this two part series on Complete Blood Count (CBC) we learn from Dr. Keith McCormick’s experience, working with osteoporosis patients for decades, how a simple blood test can assess osteoporosis related fracture ricks.

Complete Blood Count allows a trained practitioner to assess osteoporosis related fracture risk.

Complete Blood Count (CBC) and fracture risk


Why Olive Oil is Good for Your Bones

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Kalamata Olives

Guest Blogger, Margie King

Thanks to a pervasive advertising campaign involving milk mustaches, most of us grew up convinced that milk is essential for building strong bones.  But it’s time to bust that myth when it comes to your postmenopausal bone health with olive oil.

According to a new study involving olive oil maybe we should be sporting greasy green-gold mustaches instead.