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DXA Test: What You Must Know

DXA Test: Did you catch my online bone event with Dr. Lani Simpson?  Dr. Lani did not hold back about bones and the DXA Test during our lively conversation with 100 participants from all over the world. She’s the author of the “No-Nonsense Bone Health Guide” and there really was no-nonsense. Dr. Lani talked about […]

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Ostopenia? Ostoporosis? Your No-Nonsense Bone Health Guide

Today I want to tell you about my colleague Dr. Lani Simpson.  She has a great story to tell.  You see, Dr. Lani is a chiropractor who taught people about bone health for years.  Then in 1994 at the age of 45 she was diagnosed with osteoporosis.  And she was shocked. She was shocked because […]

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