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Bone Turnover Markers with Dr. McCormick

October 6, 2022
Irma Jennings

Hello friends of bones:

I’m happy to present my Bone Turnover Marker PDF from my interview with Dr. McCormick.

We discussed:

What are Bone Markers?

Why are they necessary?

What is the best way to get an effective test?

My gift to my community is the easy-to-navigate clickable transcript.

Bone Turnover Markers:

"Therapeutic targets provide medical information a doctor can use to monitor physiological improvements on repeat testing. These can enhance an assessment of bone loss and are key to managing therapy. Just as you would practice hitting the bull's eye to improve your skills as a competitive marksman, we can refine treatment by targeting abnormal physical signs, symptoms, and laboratory test results and then applying therapy to rectify those abnormal findings."

R. Keith McCormick, DC from his upcoming book:
Great Bones -- Taking Control of Your Osteoporosis.

This transcription will be your guide in understanding the need for Bone Turnover Markers, what they are and the importance of "test don't guess".  These tests can be done between your Bone Density Tests (DXA).  The Bone Marker PDF is a clickable guide to make navigating the document easier.

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Please enjoy the transcript below.

Interview PDF

This PDF is clickable. You can select a Bone Marker you'd like to know more about and then return to the table of contents.

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