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Feeding Your Bones - Interview with OsteoBoston

May 20, 2022
Irma Jennings

Shelly Gladstein, a peer leader for OsteoBoston, which is part of  Bone Health Osteoporosis Foundation (formerly NOF) invited me to answer submitted questions on Food for Healthy Bones.

I discussed:

  • Oxalates
  • Your Body is Data
  • Pre and Probiotics
  • Natto
  • Protein powders - Truvani Protein Powder
  • Beans
  • Gums - EDTA and more.....


Instruction on how to view chapters inside the video player:

You can pause the video to click on the chapter icon (red arrow) and go to a specific topic in the video.

OsteoBone Interview Video Instruction

Chapter 1: High Oxalate Foods - Michael Leibman, Ph.D. oxalate work - Oxalate chart
Chapter 2: Calcium in Greens - Calcium and Food Chart
Chapter 3: Soaking Nuts - Why
Chapter 4: Sardines Recipe
Chapter 5: Matcha Tea and calcium absorption
Chapter 6: Teas and Caffeine and Tannins - impact on bone health
Chapter 7: Benefits of Fermented foods
Chapter 8: Prebiotics
Chapter 9: Calcium-rich non-dairy foods
Chapter 10: Protein Powders
Chapter 11: Benefits of K1 and K2
Chapter 12: Role of probiotics
Chapter 13: Eating Mindfully
Q&A Session

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Irma Jennings

30 Essential Foods for Bone Health

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30 Essential Foods for Bone Health
30 Essential Foods for Bone Health
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