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Irma Jennings


Transform Fear and Worry into a Life of Strength and Vitality

If you've been diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis and dread the toll you think that will take on your quality of life, here's the good news you've been searching for…

What if you could find a way to empower yourself to turn around bone loss and thrive with expert guidance and proven strategies…

Meet Irma Jennings, Your Osteoporosis Navigator

I am Irma Jennings, INHC, a seasoned Osteoporosis Navigator with 20 years in holistic health coaching, including over 13 years specializing in bone health.
My expertise lies in providing practitioners for bone tests, facilitating connections with top Bone Doctors, and being your unwavering advocate during medical consultations.

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Understanding Your Struggle: A Journey from Fear to Empowerment

If you're grappling with the shock of an osteopenia or osteoporosis diagnosis, you're not alone. The fear of what this could mean for your quality of life is real - scary and overwhelming. But there's hope.

Imagine turning this fear into a life of empowerment and vitality. I've personally walked this path and have guided many people to a place of understanding and good bone health.

With the right steps and tools, you can possibly reverse/stop your bone loss, feel empowered to be your own best advocate, and lead a full, satisfying life.

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The Path to Resilient Bones

With my coaching, experience and expertise on your bone journey, I excel in facilitating connections between you and partnering Bone Doctors. I guide you to decisive and complete bone tests.

My 1:1 coaching is more than just advice; it's a transformative journey we go on together, side by side. You'll gain:


Tailored strategies to manage and improve your bone health.


Access my extensive knowledge and experience for your unique situation.


We address your overall wellbeing, ensuring a balanced and comprehensive plan.

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Build Healthy Bones and reclaim your life

Private coaching is ideal for individuals who are seeking expert guidance to navigate their condition, want to take proactive action to elevate their bone health, and are willing to engage in a holistic approach.

For women 50-80, diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis we will work on strengthening your current bone situation.

For (younger) women between ages 30-50, we will work together prophylactically (meaning to prevent or avoid ongoing problems), so that your bone health stays strong into the future.

Here’s what’s included in the private coaching package:
Continual Care for women who have been diagnosed with osteopenia (low bone density) or osteoporosis.
Preventive Care for women between ages 30-50 based on proactive strategies to maintain your bone strength now and into the future.
3 x One-Hour Private Coaching Sessions - in-depth, personalized consultations to address your specific needs.
30-Day Complimentary Membership in our 'Bones Tribe' community.

What price can you put on a future of strength and confidence?

One-time Investment: $597

Immediate Access

Start your journey by booking your first private coaching session, and book the other two within 5 months.

Bones Tribe Membership

A 30-day complimentary trial to our supportive community for insights, guidance and group support. I invite guest speakers that have insights to share. Continue in the monthly membership for $47 a month

Ongoing Support

Choose your path: A life restricted by fear or empowered by action?

Start Your Journey to Bone Health, Vitality and Empowerment

Take the first step towards a future where your diagnosis doesn't define you. With my dedicated support, let's build your personalized Bone Health Roadmap and set you on a path to a robust and healthier life.
Purchase Now - Your journey towards better bone health awaits.

How you’ll benefit from my coaching package...


Fear reduction: Debunking myths

Understanding Over Uncertainty: Unravel common myths surrounding bone health. Feel more secure and informed about your diagnosis and the path ahead.


Comprehensive understanding of your diagnosis

Empower Through Education: Dive deep into the specifics of your condition. Our resources and expertise provide you with a thorough understanding, demystifying complex medical jargon.


Advanced diagnostic tools

Advanced Testing Methods: Benefit from diagnostic tools for evaluating bone health, including DXA and TBS tests, bone turnover markers, and essential blood work.

Easy Access and Guidance: Learn how to effortlessly access these tests and interpret the results with our expert assistance.


Personalized nutrition plans

Dietary Strategies for Bone Health: Receive a customized food plan tailored to your dietary needs and preferences, promoting stronger, healthier bones.


Redefined plans for your journey

Back on Track: Rediscover focus and direction with a redefined plan, specifically crafted to realign with your health goals and progress.


Expert medical referrals

Finding the Right Specialist: I'll connect you with the ideal bone and functional doctor specializing in Osteoporosis and gut health, ensuring you receive the best possible care.


Personalized care for your bone health

Tailored Health Strategies: Directing you to best food choices based on your dietary needs: omnivores, vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, focusing on your unique needs and the health of your bones.

Nonjudgmental Approach: We prioritize understanding and support, ensuring that your health journey is met with empathy and expertise.


Your voice in telemedicine

Support During Telemedicine Sessions: Accompanying you in telemedicine sessions with your doctor, offering support and advocacy (counts as one of our coaching sessions).

Detailed Follow-up: Receive a comprehensive set of notes post-session for your reference and continuity of care.


Your dedicated health ally

Ongoing Support and Partnership: We're with you at every step of your journey. Our commitment is to partner with you, offering continuous support and guidance.

Hear directly from individuals who have benefited from these sessions

Ready to take control of your bone health?

Join us in this journey towards stronger bones and a healthier you!
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Unlock a healthier you with my monthly Bones Tribe membership, offering comprehensive bone health support.

Embark on a journey of bone health empowerment with my expert-led program. Benefit from bi-monthly coaching, community support, and an array of valuable resources. Tailored to your needs, my approach offers flexibility, guidance, and a path to stronger bones.

30-days free trial, then $47/month

Experience the full range of benefits without any cost for the first month. Afterward, continue your journey for a monthly fee of $47.

Cancel anytime

Enjoy the flexibility of our service with no long-term commitments. You have the freedom to cancel your membership at any time.

Bi-monthly coaching calls, community support, and more

Benefit from bi-monthly coaching calls, community support, product reviews, and weekly drip of Food for Healthy Bones - Bones Tribe Course. 

Inside the course: Charts: calcium and food, oxalates, protein, DXS tracking, bone turnover marker tracking, bone medication, recipes (77+ recipes), expert osteoporosis webinars, and case studies.

Hear from medical professionals on the positive impact of these sessions

"When you first get a diagnosis of osteoporosis or osteopenia, a lot comes up:
*Questions about managing your bone health
*Learning how to prevent fractures
*Understanding medical terminology
As a specialist in musculoskeletal issues for the past 20 years, I emphasize the importance of a comprehensive care team, including a patient navigator specializing in bone health.

Irma Jennings, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with 20 years of coaching experience and 13 years in bone health, offers evidence-based solutions and personalized strategies. Her understanding of DXAs, TBS, blood work, and bone biomarkers, combined with knowledge in nutrition and exercise, equips you to confidently discuss your bone health with your doctor, creating a productive partnership.

Partner with Irma for an empowered approach to your bone health journey.
R. Keith McCormick, DC


"Irma’s bone health program is a must for those who wish to increase their bone health through healthy food choices, improved digestion and support regarding an osteoporosis diagnosis. Irma has gone way beyond her nutritional training and helps clients get what they need from their doctors.

Irma knows more about bone health than most medical doctors in the field."
Lani Simpson, DC, CCD


"Irma Jennings is an astute, supremely qualified teacher who excites her clients to achieve and maintain a vibrant and healthy lifestyle."
Helene Leonetti


Irma In Her Kitchen

Feeling overwhelmed by your osteoporosis diagnosis?

I understand your concerns. Together, we'll develop a personalized Bone Health Roadmap, guiding you toward a more robust, healthier future with my dedicated and holistic support.

Purchase the coaching package now and start your bone health journey.

One-time fee of $597
Gain access to expert guidance and personalized strategies through 3 one-hour coaching sessions.
30-day Free Trial
Enjoy an immediate 30-day free trial in my Bones Tribe Membership as part of your coaching package.
$47 monthly membership
Keep benefiting from my insights and support for a monthly membership fee of $47.
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Rather deepening your learning in a supportive group setting?

Enroll in my Strong Bones, Healthy You program - a 3 month-online program......then as you have it. Program includes one session of "Ask Me Anything", with Dr. Keith McCormick, author Great Bones: Taking Control of Your Osteoporosis
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