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3D Shaper Technology, An Innovative Approach To Bone Analysis

The 3D Shaper Technology emerges as a game-changing solution to combat the silent yet debilitating threat of osteoporosis, a bone disease that has long been a significant concern for millions worldwide. Accurate diagnosis and monitoring of bone health have been paramount in combating this condition. 3D Shaper views the hip only. Not the spine. This […]

Maximize Bone Strength with Omega-3 Fats and Fish Oil

The role that diet plays is often the focus of the pursuit of optimal health. This article explores the significance of Omega-3 fats—found primarily in fish oil—for maintaining strong bones, an aspect that is frequently disregarded. We hope to assist you in selecting and choosing the best supplements as we examine the advantages and nuances […]

Osteoporosis Myths & Treatments Debunked Q&A with Dr Mike Lewiecki + FRAX 101

In our recent webinar, Dr. Mike Lewiecki, an esteemed osteoporosis expert, shared his insights on bone health, directly addressing queries from Irma Jennings' community. This blog post provides a comprehensive recap of the webinar, reflecting the crucial points discussed by Dr. Lewiecki in a straightforward and informative manner. The Importance of Accurate Bone Health Information […]

Bone health and Fractures

Article reposted with permission from Dr. Lani Simpson: What Fractures Tell About Our Bones Article Summary: • Fractures can be a sign of poor bone health, even though they are a common occurrence.  • Bones are living tissue that require a balance between resorption and formation to remain healthy.  • Factors that can contribute […]

My 70 Year Old Bones

DXA 2022 My latest DXA and TBS report is in.  As a reminder, I was diagnosed with osteopenia in 2005 and given a script for Fosamax. I declined.  I was in my 50's. Now I'm in my 70's. My intention was to implement my 7 pillars for bone health for a better outcome:  At that […]

Mighty Bone-Loving Oatmeal

The best breakfast cereal for your bones Mighty Bone Loving Oatmeal packs a delicious nutrient boost. Oats are high in the form of soluble fiber called beta-glucan, which is beneficial for heart health. They are a good source of manganese, a component of antioxidant enzymes, important in facilitating bone development and helping to make and […]

Bone Turnover Markers with Dr. McCormick

Hello friends of bones: I’m happy to present my Bone Turnover Marker PDF from my interview with Dr. McCormick. We discussed: What are Bone Markers? Why are they necessary? What is the best way to get an effective test? My gift to my community is the easy-to-navigate clickable transcript.

Lemony Sardine Salad

One of my favorite recipes Sardine Salad for your bones with a refreshing lemon flavor. Oily fish is a superfood and sardines are the unsung heroes of this group. They are rich in selenium and calcium and are an excellent source of omega-3s. They are high in EPA and DHA which are essential fatty acids […]

Feeding Your Bones - Interview with OsteoBoston

Shelly Gladstein, a peer leader for OsteoBoston, which is part of  Bone Health Osteoporosis Foundation (formerly NOF) invited me to answer submitted questions on Food for Healthy Bones. I discussed:

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