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De-Stressing Your Bones

June 17, 2016
Irma Jennings

Before venturing to Damanhur, an ecovillage and spiritual community located in the Piedmont region of northern Italy, where I was joined by 17 seekers who's goals were to deepen their inner life and to study "Music of the Plants"

.......there was much going on.

My life and my bones were stressed.

PBS had just released "Stronger Bones - Longer Life" to 157 stations.

My contribution, "Feeding Your Bones", is part of the shows premium package.  My life long dream was to present my knowledge of Food for Healthy Bones to audiences of 500 participants.  I had no idea this dream would manifest in a different way.   My name has been heard by 100's of thousands of viewers.  New clients were reaching out, signing up for my bones program and yet my traveling plans and inner work were calling.

Feeding our bones with Irma and Dr. Lani for PBS Stronger Bones Longer Life

Gearing up for travel offers it's own stress levels, packing, over-packing, notifying my credit card companies, changing dollars to Euros, getting to the airport.  For my world explorers you know this drill very well.  I chose to travel through JFK airport out of NYC which brought on it's own challenges and delights.  Delights as NYC was my home for 37 years and offered me the opportunity to visit with dear friends.


What I hadn't realized is how stress had quietly moved into my life and the marrow of my bones.  Me and my Skelly were multi-tasking, responding to new client emails while working on the details of this journey.  Now we are all aware (I hope by now) how much of an impact stress has on our overall health and the health of our bones. Habitual stress, the slow drip of stress day in and day out, plays havoc on our life, health and of course our bones.

"Cortisol, the major hormone of the adrenal gland, is a critical regulator of metabolism and is important to the body’s ability to respond to stress and injury. It has complex effects on the skeleton." [i]

Once in Italy, I leaned into a state of letting go of what I knew while opening to what was being presented to the inner chambers of my body, bones and soul.  A fascinating exploration.  While there I observed how the stress was evaporating.  I needed less sleep (I'm an 8-9 hour kinda gal). I was lighter,  more joy-filled and open-hearted as I deeply connected to my fellow travelers adding an exciting dimension.  These opportunities are often challenged while under stress.

My intention was to explore the Music of the Plants since vegetables are such a key piece to bone health.  Music Of The PlantsCan plants perceive sound and feedback music? This idea has been studied for decades and I was curious.

Here is what I witnessed as I entered into inner harmony with the plants and suspended my expectations. Plants have their own sound.  Some plants sing whether or not they have contact with human beings. Plants sound out with more vigor when invited by human beings to do so. [ii]  They can sound very different at different times of the day.  Some more active in the day, while others are more active in the evening. Does that sound familiar?

On your next walk in nature, I invite you to communicate with the plant world.  And as you consume your "bone loving" vegetable smoothly consider the gifts of abundance that come from the plant world and the Music of the Plants while de-stressing your life and your bones.

Here's one of my favorite smoothies:

Printable Version click HERE


2 small carrots
1 apple
1 orange
3 dandelion leaves
4 collard leaves
1 Tablespoon of Hemp Oil
1 Tablespoon of ground Flax Seed
1 2/3 cups of water


Add all ingredients into VitaMix or other high speed blender.
Start at the low speed and bring it up to high
Add more water if too thick

VitaMix allows for an easy smoothie and an easy clean-up.

No need to chop or cut veggies, just add them to the container with the water.

Clean-up is a snap.  Empty contents.  Fill container about a 1/3 with water.  Add a squeeze of dishwashing detergent, cover and blend at high speed for 1/2 a minute or so.  Empty and you are.....


VitaMix - my favorite kitchen tool.

Please let me know how I can better serve you and your bones.

How are your bones?
Kindly take a moment to tell me more.
My gift for your time is a simple alkalizing salad/veggie recipe video waiting just for you.

You can tell me more HERE.

From my delicious plant-loving bones to yours!


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[ii] The Music of the Plants: Why Plants Play Music page 32


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