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Your Bones: Why Eating the Whole Food Matters

By guest blogger: Margie King, Nourishing Menopause What makes an apple good for us? Is it the Vitamin C? Vitamin K or B6?  Is it the soluble fiber or the insoluble fiber? Is it the potassium or the phytosterols? Or is it the apple?  What a concept. Western science is obsessed with deconstructing food, researching […]

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Shocking GMOs study will chill you to the bone!

This news is so upsetting that I had to share it ASAP. I've spoken (and screamed) about GMOs in my free educational webinar. And now take 12 minutes to view this video and you'll understand why I was chilled to my bones. Be advised this study uses lab rats and for my animal lovers and vegetarian […]

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Is your heartburn burning your B-O-N-E-S? Double ouch!

Rosie O’Donnell and I have something in common.  Recently we both had the same health scare – chest pains.  I was luckier than Rosie.  Her pain turned out to be a heart attack.  Mine - we think - was indigestion. I’m pretty careful about my food, so indigestion was a puzzle.  Was I eating too […]

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Your Bones and Yogurt: low fat, no fat. Is it all Greek to you?

You might have noticed by now that I’m not a big fan of dairy as your main source of bone healthy nutrients.  I like a wider variety of foods for healthy bones, including dark leafy greens, seaweeds and bone broths. But then there’s yogurt…and here’s where I have to make an exception to my dairy […]

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Vitamin K: The Secret Agent for Bone Health Security

Vitamin K used to be a super secret agent.  A few scientists were privy to its powers to protect your skeleton but they weren’t talking.  Vitamin K has now been outed.  It’s making headlines and has  become the hot new nutrition celebrity - especially when it comes to strong bones. What is vitamin K?

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Calcium for strong bones: are supplements better than food?

  One question I often hear from my clients is “How much calcium do I need to take every day for my bones?” The hidden assumption in that question is this:  “you have to take a supplement to get enough calcium for your bones.”  That seems to be the philosophy of most consumers and healthcare […]

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Strong Bones and Milk: Relax! Light up a cigarette and have a tall glass of milk.

“Sit back and light up a cigarette – it does a body good.” As shocking as that sounds today, there was a time when it was widely accepted. My early memories are filled with smokers.  In the 50’s my parents would light a cigarette whenever they wanted to relax:  during and after family meals, cocktail […]

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Strong Bones - Calcium and Mineral-Rich Oatmeal with Almond Milk

Strong Bones need 20 vitamins and minerals in addition to calcium. Here's a Strong Bone recipe that will feed and warm the marrow of your bones. Ingredients:

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Keeping Bones Healthy

Dr. Veronica Anderson's  topic "Keeping Bones Healthy" is on the minds of many.  As one of 7 experts on her radio talk show on bone health we had a lively discussion. Take home message:  First Step starts in our kitchen!

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