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Confused about which kitchen tools and which foods are the best for your bones?

Here's what I use in my kitchen and eat for my bones:

confused about which pots and pans

Kitchen Tools: Blenders click HERE

Kitchen Tools: Pots and Pans: Click HERE

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Click the image for more details

Pots and Pans:

My "go-to" everyday pots and pans that I use for our cooking classes:

Stainless Steel ONLY.

No aluminum, no teflon, no non-stick.

Please view my blog :: Best Pots For Bone-Healthy Cooking

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Click the image for more details

Click the image for more details

Cast Iron:

Here is an affordable version of a basic skillet made by Lodge.  It's your basis cast iron and I love it.

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Le Creuset treasure:

This was a gift of love from my sweetie from our first Christmas together.Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 10.28.47 AM

Yep, new love in my 60's.  He knew exactly how to take a place in my heart.

Another investment that lasts a lifetime (think adding this to your will) is well worth the price.

I prepare my oh-so yummy Bone Broth in this gem.

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Dr. Lani's No-Nonsense Bone Health Webinar


This insightful discussion with Dr. Lani Simpson, Certified Clinical Bone Densitomitrist at the Foundation for Osteoporosis and Education in Oakland, CA and author of her new book, Dr. Lani's No-Nonsense Bone Health Guide addresses will be an important guide for your bones.


Price: $10.00

You can purchase the recorded webinar with slideshow HERE.


Food Safety Webinar

With Nancy Lowell, Chef, previous department head of the perishable foods department at Whole Foods and Head Chef at Tiffiany's New York Flagship store.

Perishable Foods:  Meats, cheeses, dairy, veggies, foods.

What can put your family at risk and all you can do to control this risk in your kitchen.


Simple and easy-to-apply tips.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 11.06.31 AMThese tips are for the beginning cook and the well seasoned chef.

Price: $10.00

Please purchase the previous recorded webinar with slideshow HERE

Once purchased the recording is yours to refer to again and again.  A fantastic resource!

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