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Irma Jennings - INHC - Holistic Bone Coach

6 Reasons Why Your Bones Love These Kale Chips

When Skelly (the skeleton and bones that lives in us all) wants a special treat I pull out my recipe for kale chips. You see, kale is a superfood when it comes to building strong bones. Here’s why.

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Sticks and Stones - and Fosamax, May Break My Bones

My friend and colleague, Dr. Lani Simpson - Author:  Dr. Lani's No Nonsense Bone Health Guide, is my guest blogger this month. Fractures:  Is Anyone Listening? There are many types of fractures; a stress fracture is one of them. A stress fracture can be a normal response to repeated stress upon normal bone. A good […]

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Are your bones getting enough of this magic mineral?

Skelly likes to say “a little bit of magic goes a long way.” It’s especially true for your bones when it comes to one little mineral whose name happens to mean “magic.”

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Berries Build Bones

My bones (Skelly) and I love the summer.  Next week we'll spend time with friends at the beach and get lots of bone-building sunshine.  And we’ll eat plenty of brilliant fresh summer berries. Even though berries are tiny, they pack a powerful punch when it comes to your bones.  Their beautiful reds, blues, blacks, and […]

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Fishing for Healthy Bones

Fishing For Healthy Bones My bones love fish for lots of reasons. For one thing, fish is a great source of lean protein to make your bones flexible so they bend without breaking. And fish can also give you plenty of healthy omega-3 fats. But my bones are also picky about what fish they eat. […]

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DXA Test: What You Must Know

DXA Test: Did you catch my online bone event with Dr. Lani Simpson?  Dr. Lani did not hold back about bones and the DXA Test during our lively conversation with 100 participants from all over the world. She’s the author of the “No-Nonsense Bone Health Guide” and there really was no-nonsense. Dr. Lani talked about […]

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Ostopenia? Ostoporosis? Your No-Nonsense Bone Health Guide

Today I want to tell you about my colleague Dr. Lani Simpson.  She has a great story to tell.  You see, Dr. Lani is a chiropractor who taught people about bone health for years.  Then in 1994 at the age of 45 she was diagnosed with osteoporosis.  And she was shocked. She was shocked because […]

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What Gluten Does to Your Bones

Are bagels putting holes in your bones? Well, maybe that sounds a little crazy but stick with me on this. When I say bagels, I’m really talking about the gluten in bagels and other wheat products.  That includes bread, pasta, donuts, cupcakes, cookies, and a multitude of processed foods that add gluten.

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Is Your Blood Sucking the Life Out of Your Bones?

I was recently intrigued by a report on PBS about how the rising acid levels in the oceans are eating away at the coral reefs.  Those mineral-rich “bones” of the sea suffer from their own version of “osteoporosis.” And it’s not just the coral.  Marine animals like scallops, oysters, and clams that rely on calcium […]

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