6 Reasons Why Your Bones Love These Kale Chips

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irma and a bunch of kale

When Skelly (the skeleton and bones that lives in us all) wants a special treat I pull out my recipe for kale chips. You see, kale is a superfood when it comes to building strong bones. Here’s why.


Cruciferous Vegetables feed Your Bones and Heal Your Body

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woman holding plants with skeleton

These Cruciferous Vegetables Feed Your Bones and Heal Your Body

I have to tell you about a TEDx talk that blew me away. It’s a riveting story about a doctor taking control of her own health.

Terry Wahls is an MD and an athlete. But in 2000 she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She followed all the advice that mainstream medicine had to offer. But her condition continued to decline rapidly until she was confined to a wheel chair.

That’s when she turned to food and functional medicine. Today she is out of the wheelchair, active, energetic, and free of MS symptoms.


The Best Veggies for Strong Bones – Seaweed

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green seaweed

You know by now that Skelly and I are big fans of leafy green vegetables. But there’s another family of veggies we love just as much for bone health – maybe even more.

Know why? These veggies can have almost 10 times the amount of calcium as milk does. And unlike milk they also have all of the other trace minerals a body needs for strong bones. In fact, they can have 10 to 20 times the amount of bone-friendly minerals as other vegetables.


Feed Your Bones With Homemade Bone Broth

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Feed Your Bones With Homemade Bone Broth

There’s snow on the ground today and my Skelly is chilled to her marrow. It’s the perfect day for bone broth.

Your grandmother knew a rich stock made from the bones of a chicken could cure a winter cold or flu. It soothes sore throats and builds up strength. An old proverb even claims “good broth will resurrect the dead.”


Death By Calcium – Stepping Away from Calcium Supplements

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death by calcium graphic

The last thing you should be taking for your bones is a calcium supplement.  And don’t even think about drinking a glass of milk.

That’s according to Dr. Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD.  In his recent book Death By Calcium he turns everything you thought you knew about bone health upside down.  Starting with calcium.


Your Bones: Dairy or Greens – Which is higher in CALCIUM and More Absorbable?

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Fresh Garden Leafs

Do you know how much calcium you’re really getting from your food?

I’m not talking about how much calcium is in the food you eat.  I’m talking about how much of that calcium your body actually absorbs.  Scientists call it bioavailability.

Here’s what it means.  (more…)

Calcium for strong bones: are supplements better than food?

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calcium supplements osteoporosis


One question I often hear from my clients is “How much calcium do I need to take every day for my bones?”

The hidden assumption in that question is this:  “you have to take a supplement to get enough calcium for your bones.”  That seems to be the philosophy of most consumers and healthcare practitioners, but is it true?

The answer is a resounding no.  In fact, women who get their calcium from food have higher bone mineral density than women who just take supplements.

This is true even though women relying on supplements actually take in more milligrams of calcium than women relying on calcium-rich foods.

How does less calcium equal more? (more…)

Seasonal Veggies

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tatsoi plant


Remember all leafy greens are a good source of Vitamin A (immunity), Vitamin C (wound healing, collagen production for healthy skin) Vitamin K (for blood clotting and bone health), and folate (heart health, proper DNA replication for healthy new cells). But additionally, Arugula, Mizuna (Japanese mustard), Wild Kale and Tatsoi are all members of the Brassica family, which make them relatives of cabbage and broccoli.

Let’s talk seasonal veggies!