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Resistance and Bone Health

November 18, 2019
Irma Jennings

Skelly and I were talking the other day, noting one of the many ways human beings are interesting; resistance and bone health came to mind.  When something is new or different, rather than running towards it, many times we put on the break, curious but with apprehension and a one-step-forward-two-steps back mentality. 

It moves us into varying spaces of resistance that can look like so many different things. Fear, ambivalence or procrastination all can be a bit dizzying.  And it can show up in all areas of life, including the area of bone loss.

For example, even if one is not in favor of pharmaceutical drugs, getting a DXA scan still provides you with initial specific information on your health. 

And, Bone Turnover Marker tests assess different aspects of bone remolding, which occurs in a cycle of resorption and bone formation.  These tests are now being used between DXA tests to determine bone loss level.

Next steps that don’t necessarily require medication. 

They also don’t necessarily require immediate action. In the willingness to open up space of getting information and processing it, there is an ability to lean into resistance. 

Instead of making, what may seem like radical changes, the information can then allow for the processing of feelings. Feelings that come with test results are able to present a time segment showing how slow or fast the development of bone loss is progressing.  The knowledgeable outcome of breaking down your resistance benefits bone health.

Knowledge can create a power and strength to help in allowing one to be in a form of resistance by taking further action. Until there is a feeling of readiness, patience and support is necessary for bone health. 

So why do human beings have a resistance to things?

Change, along with health issues, and loss (all variations on change) are just some categories that may bring about stress. Categorically stress begins with a sense of alarm. 

From alarm, the body moves into resistance and, by staying there, thwarting further forward motion because of a higher risk for more pronounced risks—aka change!  In Steven Pressfield's book, "Do The Work" which focuses on points to assist being in the flow and getting “it” done—whatever your “it” is, looks at resistance points that everyone faces.

He points out that Resistance is an issue for anyone with a life and a dream because the goal of resistance is to sabotage aspiration.   And that the elements of resistance are most often present when there are components involved that revolve around changing the current to something different.

Leaning in to Resistance

As the old adage goes:  what you resist, persists.  So a start may be a willingness to bring a magnifying glass to your space of resistance.

1.    Understand why you are resisting:   Are you having strong feelings regarding moving into a step that leads to an unknown? Are you in opposition to doing the work required because it will take effort and likely lead to a domino effect of additional changes that need to happen?

2.    Once you get honest about the cause, admit it.  Say it to someone you trust.  No need for a megaphone, but do let others in on your situation.  Shedding light on it means it can no longer be alone in the dark and you might move out of resistance more easily.

Opening up to your resistance to bone health, leaves room for preparation for taking some action.  The moment you consider cooking a new bone-loving recipe, it offers the ability to lean into the resistance.

A first step towards further action. 

Working through resistance and bone health

Support driven steps to move out of resistance into bone health may include:

1.    Joining an informational group such as my Facebook group:
Facebook public group:  Osteoporosis and Food

2.    Finding a doctor to partner with who is willing to take a deep dive into your blood work, provide a script for bone turnover markers between DXA tests, who knows about nutrition for bone health and the value of exercise.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Chinese Proverb

Even if today’s step is filled with resistance, it makes room for a positive baby step tomorrow.

From my loving bones to yours,

Irma Jennings - Holistic Bone Coach


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