Bone Turnover Markers with Dr. McCormick

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Hello friends of bones:

I’m happy to present my Bone Turnover Marker PDF from my interview with Dr. McCormick.

We discussed:

What are Bone Markers?

Why are they necessary?

What is the best way to get an effective test?

My gift to my community is the easy-to-navigate clickable transcript.


Top 4 Bone-Building Supplements

By: | Posted in: Blog, Featured | Tuesday, Aug 22, 2017 - 8:56pm
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When it comes to bones, I’m all about feeding my Skelly bone-building foods.

It’s always the first step in my bone health program.

You see, you can’t just pop a pill and keep poisoning your bones with bad food. But I do think that supplements can play an important role in boosting the nutrients that your bones need.

Maybe you don’t digest your food very well so you aren’t getting the nutrients your bones need. Or maybe you’re trying to eat right, but you’re not hitting your goals at every meal. I get that…

Now, I’m no expert on supplements. But I thought I’d share with you today the four supplements that I take to make sure my bones are getting the most important vitamins and minerals they need.

And before I get started, I’ll mention the one “bone” supplement that I DON’T take.