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How Can I Focus On My Bone Health When I’m Still Freaked Out by My Diagnosis?

Food is the most effective way to prevent many ailments including bone loss but chances are if you’re coming to this site, it’s because you’ve been diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis.

At this point, you might even be having catastrophic, disappointed, or worried feelings about what your diagnosis means for your future. That’s o.k. We welcome all of you.

At Food for Healthy Bones we know you may be thinking your diagnosis is going to accelerate the aging process and you’re about to become an instant old lady. You may be worried about taking another medication, you have no idea what the future holds, and you definitely want your power back.

You may have already imagined yourself–in your 80’s–breaking a hip, going to a nursing home, and dying.

We’re here to assure you there’s a vibrant life ahead of you. You can live a healthy life, well into your old age, with osteopenia or osteoporosis when you realize your body is a fine-tuned machine that needs proper fuel and maintenance. Fill it up with too many carbs and sugars and your terrifying fantasy might just come true.

Once upon a time, I thought my diagnosis was a curse too.
And here’s what I know for sure, almost 20 years later, my bones continue to be strong, my health and lifestyle have improved, and I’m a whole lot happier.

I know for sure whether or not you ultimately decide your diagnosis is a blessing is largely up to you.

Meanwhile, I will guide you. We’ll start with calcium and mineral-rich food and why it matters. Next, you’ll learn about the DXA test, bone markers, bloodwork, and exercises to strengthen your balance and your bones. We’ll work together to find the right doctor from my network of pre-screened bone doctors. And last but certainly not least I’ll empower you to become your own best advocate.

You’re worthy of your doctor’s attention and care.

I'm Irma Jennings

Your Bone Guide For Healthy Strong Bones

I understand the emotional, physical, and psychological challenges you will face as you try to improve your bone health. As you navigate doctors, pharmaceuticals, and bone-loving foods, I want you to experience the freedom that comes with knowledge-based choices.

Nothing irks me more than getting bullied into believing biases we’re not even aware of, and making fear based choices as a result.

Irma Jennings Your Bone Coach


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As a non-judgmental, well-informed, witness to your journey, I’ll partner with you to merge your truth with the medical truth, so you can learn to trust the wise intelligence of your body. With my help, you’ll learn that your fears can be the foundation of wisdom and lead you to hope, new levels of self-care, and satisfaction that’s bone deep.

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Having Osteopenia Or Osteoporosis Is Not Easy

Let's create a road map for your bone health

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Nothing magical happens in isolation. All creation stories start with a collaborative spark of deep connection. During our sessions we will go deep to discover what is really eating away at the marrow of your bones, from your diet, to your DXA/TBS, blood work, bone markers to stress and lifestyle incongruities.

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Easy Cooking For Bone Health – 7 Day Meal Plan

An easy way, for Animal Protein (AP) and Vegetarians/Vegan (VP) eaters, to feed their bones.

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