Rosie O’Donnell and I have something in common.  Recently we both had the same health scare – chest pains.  I was luckier than Rosie.  Her pain turned out to be a heart attack.  Mine – we think – was indigestion.

I’m pretty careful about my food, so indigestion was a puzzle.  Was I eating too many of those delicious candy like but acidic cherry tomatoes from my backyard garden?  Was it stress?  Or lifting too many heavy boxes during my move from Philadelphia to New Hope (don’t ya love that name…New Hope)?  Or the heavy metals detoxification program I’ve been following?  But that’s another story…

Whatever the cause, it got me thinking about how important good digestion is to everything – especially your bones.  If you’re not digesting your food, you’re not breaking it down into the vitamins and minerals your bones need.

But could indigestion lead to a broken hip?