Take control of your bone health and unlock the secrets to lifelong bone strength.

Conflicting medical advice often leaves those with osteoporosis feeling confused and isolated. 

My Strong Bones Healthy You program provides bone health education, customized action steps, and personal coaching so you can become bone literate, speak knowledgeably with your doctor, and make informed decisions for your wellbeing.

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Led by Irma Jennings, an acclaimed bone health coach, this 9-week journey transforms confusion and fear into strength and clarity. Our program doesn't just educate; it empowers you with the confidence to manage your health effectively.

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Navigating the uncertainties 
of Osteoporosis or Osteopenia.

A diagnosis of osteoporosis or osteopenia can feel like a heavy burden, casting a shadow of doubt over your daily life. The fear of a simple misstep turning into a serious injury is real, and the maze of medical advice can leave you feeling lost and alone.

In my Strong Bones Healthy You program, I'm dedicated to lifting that weight off your shoulders. We'll cut through the confusion together, providing you with clear, actionable steps and unwavering support.

Join me, and let's transform uncertainty into confidence, turning your bone health journey into a path of empowerment and resilience.

Why Join SBHY?

An osteoporosis or osteopenia diagnosis often comes suddenly, leaving you full of fear and uncertainty about the future of your bone health. You know you need to make changes, but where do you start when conflicting advice overwhelms you?

This program equips you to take control.

Improved doctor discussions

Navigating conversations with doctors about bone health issues can leave you confused and unsupported. Become equipped to discuss your diagnosis and treatment confidently so you can advocate for the personalized care that aligns with your needs.

Encourages lifestyle reboot

A diagnosis can feel like your lifestyle has been abruptly upended. Receive motivation and tools to successfully reboot critical areas - nutrition, activity, mindset and more - so you can proactively nourish your bones back to improved health.

Empower bone health literacy

Build your bone health literacy from the ground up - you'll be able to understand your diagnosis, test results, treatment options, and how to nourish your bones through every stage. Knowledge is power - become empowered to make informed decisions for your health.

Transform your health in 9 weeks.
The Strong Bones Healthy You program.

Receiving a diagnosis of osteoporosis or osteopenia often feels like a dark cloud has settled over your life. Suddenly, everyday activities are overshadowed by the fear that a simple slip or fall could lead to serious injury. This constant worry can transform even the most routine tasks into sources of stress.

Navigating this new reality can be isolating. The medical advice you receive might be confusing and sometimes contradictory, leaving you feeling more uncertain about your condition. Each doctor’s visit can seem like a maze of medical jargon and unclear directives, making it difficult to understand what’s best for your health.

Moreover, the emotional toll of managing osteoporosis or osteopenia can be overwhelming. The anxiety that comes with your diagnosis is not just about physical health; it affects your mental wellbeing too. You might find yourself grappling with fear about the future and frustration over your current limitations.

You're not alone in feeling this way. Many others with your diagnosis share these concerns. They, too, experience the frustration of conflicting medical advice and the anxiety of living with a condition that feels both threatening and misunderstood.

This is why I designed a specific bone health program just for you.

In my Strong Bones, Healthy You coaching program, I'm dedicated to lifting that weight off your shoulders. We'll cut through the confusion together, providing you with clear, actionable steps and unwavering support. It offers a refreshing and supportive environment for you to gain a comfortable level of bone health knowledge and wisdom, alongside the compassionate and expert support you deserve. Through 9 weeks of live taught sessions with myself, expert doctors and top medical professionals, alongside group coaching and Q&As, we help you navigate the challenges of your condition gracefully and assertively.

Join me, and let's transform uncertainty into confidence, turning your bone health journey into a path of empowerment and resilience.

Ready to Transform Your Life?

Join us and embark on a 9-week journey that will change how you live, think, and interact with your diagnosis.

Secure your spot today and take the first step towards a brighter, more fulfilling future….full of knowledge and hope.

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Every Monday at noon ET, unlock a new module with expert insights and actionable advice.

Guest Presenters:

Keith McCormick, DC, author of Great Bone, Take Control of Your Osteoporosis and The Whole Body Approach to Osteoporosis, has a personal history of severe osteoporosis. Over five years, he suffered 12 osteoporosis-related fractures. Keith will teach four modules.

Kim Zambito, MD, Surgeon - REMS Echolight 
Dr. Zambito is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with a sub-specialty in hand surgery. She earned experience in private practice, academic practice, and multiple deployments to austere environments with forward surgical teams in the United States Army Reserves. These experiences have kept Dr. Zambito humble and kind, with a no-nonsense approach

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Your 9-week road map to Strong Bones Healthy You.

Program Schedule & Highlights.
Start Date: March 25th - Every Monday at Noon ET

You can check your time zone here - WorldTime Buddy 

Strong Bones Comprehensive Bone Health Program Week 1 Photo Cover

Week 1
Welcome & Course Introduction

Date: March 25

Kick off your journey with an introduction to the program and what to expect in the coming weeks.

Strong Bones Comprehensive Bone Health Program Week 2 Photo Cover

Week 2 
Understanding Osteoporosis /DXA/FRAX/TBS

Date: April 1

Dive deep into bone density scanning and assessment tools. Learn how these technologies offer insights into your bone health.

Strong Bones Comprehensive Bone Health Program Week 3 Photo Cover

Week 3
Bone Markers with Keith McCormick, DC 

Date: April 8

Explore the importance of blood work and bone markers with expert Keith McCormick, DC. Understand how they influence osteoporosis treatment and management.

Strong Bones Comprehensive Bone Health Program Week 4 Photo Cover

Week 4
Feeding Your Bones

Date: April 15

Calcium and Mineral-Rich Foods, Protein, Hydration, Mindful eating, access to 80 bone-loving recipes.

Strong Bones Comprehensive Bone Health Program Week 5 Photo Cover

Week 5
REMS Echolight with Kim Zambito, MD, Surgeon

Date: April 22

Join Kim Zambito, MD, to learn about REMS Echolight, a cutting-edge technique for non-invasive bone density assessment.

Strong Bones Comprehensive Bone Health Program Week 6 Photo Cover

Week 6
Bone Supplements and Collagen with Keith McCormick, DC.

Date: April 29

Unpack the world of supplements and their impact on bone health. Learn which supplements can support your journey to stronger bones.

Strong Bones Comprehensive Bone Health Program Week 7 Photo Cover

Week 7
Osteoporosis Medication with Keith McCormick, DC

Date: May 6

Delve into the specifics of osteoporosis drugs with an integrative approach.

Strong Bones Comprehensive Bone Health Program Week 8 Photo Cover

Week 8

Date: May 13

Get moving with exercises designed to strengthen your bones. Discover the best workouts for osteoporosis prevention and management.

Strong Bones Comprehensive Bone Health Program Week 9 Photo Cover

Week 9
AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Keith McCormick, DC

Date: May 20

Your questions answered. Wrap up the program with a live AMA session, where you can ask any lingering questions and get expert advice.

Bone health knowledge for confident wellbeing.

This 9-week program provides expansive bone health education through detailed learning materials, insights from expert speakers, and interactive Q&A sessions so all your questions get answered.

Additionally, you’ll get access to an in-depth toolkit of resources like videos, articles, and guides to continue expanding your knowledge.

Throughout your learning, find community and connection within a supportive group of like-minded individuals seeking better bone health. With comprehensive education and resources plus a built-in support network, you’ll feel fully equipped with literacy to care for your bones.

9 Week Program

Packed with essential information and practical tips.

Expert Speakers

Gain insights from leading professionals in osteoporosis and bone health.

Interactive Q&A Sessions

Have your questions answered in real time.

Comprehensive Resources

Access additional reading materials, videos, and tools to further your learning.

Community Support

Join a community of like-minded individuals on the same journey to better bone health.

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Program fee (initial price): $997

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Hear from Our Bone Health Program Graduates

I recommend Irma’s comprehensive Strong Bones Healthy You program to anyone wanted to learn more about osteoporosis.  Irma is personable, fun, and her teaching is life changing.  Reputable guest speakers, practical tools, and information make this program unique.  I finally feel empowered and have gained so much knowledge.  Thank you, Irma. 

Cheri Talsness, WI

Irma shared a wealth of information and kept things simple.  I am sure I won’t ever be caught off guard in a medical appointment.  And the administrative stress in prepping for an appointment is much lower because I am not reinventing the colloquia wheel by scrambling for information which in the end, I’m unsure of it’s acceptance in allopathic care and consequently, might only save to end the discussion and discredit me in the office visit.  
So, yes, this course is a confidence-building and anxiety-reducing.  It gave me a tool to manage bone health and get on with my life.

Carol, MA

Strong Bones Healthy You was extensive in it’s breath and depth of information coupled with insightful guidance from Irma.  I especially like the wealth of resources presented, including other experts on various aspects of bone health.  I’ve already implemented the movement practices into my work as a yoga therapist and am working on balancing my diet for optimal bone health.

Carla McAdams, MD

Irma’s program is thorough and covers every aspect of understanding and living with osteoporosis.  I had action items after very session and am going forward with a better plan to improve my condition and strive for a continued active life.  Thank you, Irma

Darcy Whitsett, VA

The program was informative, covering all aspects of osteoporosis, including diet and nutrition.  I highly recommend it whether recently diagnosed or like me, being several years into my journey.

Nancy Winnon, TX

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the refund policy?

If my program does NOT meet your expectations after you attend the second class live, you will be fully refunded.

Will the calls be recorded?

Yes, the calls will be recorded and uploaded within 24 hours into the program.

Will Keith McCormick, DC review my DXA test and bone turnover markers?

No, this is not a personal session.  He is very generous and will answer all questions.  Please gather your questions for Keith McCormick, DC as you move through the program.

Find clarity in your osteoporosis diagnosis.

An osteoporosis diagnosis doesn't have to mean a life of confusion and uncertainty. This comprehensive program illuminates the way forward, providing the answers and support you've been seeking. Gain invaluable insights into your condition and how to actively improve your bone health - this is your opportunity to finally find clarity.

Bone Health Literacy

Become knowledgeable about your condition to make informed treatment decisions.

Expert-Guided Care Path

Follow an expert-guided, customized care path for lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, and supplementation.

Empowered Patient Advocate

Confidently discuss your needs with doctors from an educated perspective.

Don't miss this chance to nurture your bone health wisdom with my Strong Bones Healthy You program.

Invest in the foundation of your well-being. Get member's discount pricing at $197, (originally $997) for the Strong Bones - Healthy You program before March 26th and empower yourself with knowledge to nurture strong, healthy bones for life.

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