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Raindrop Technique Plus

Raindrop Technique is a powerful tool developed by D. Gary Young in the 1980's.  Nine therapeutic grade essential oils are used during this session.Raindrop Technique

The session combines several modalities to bring balance and transformation. It also supports body systems on a physical and emotional level.

This technique involves applying essential oils to the spine, neck, and feet.  The session lasts about one hour however, the benefits may last up to a week or more.

This session also incorporates Reiki, vibrational healing, and hand, and foot massage.

We also use the pendulum to discover where congestion lives in the body.

Raindrop and Reiki provided by Vicki Sarnoff, CHC, brings 22 years of experience sharing essential oils with her clients.
Reiki and vibrational healing by Irma Jennings, INHC


* Balance and realign the energy centers of the bodyRaindrop Technique
* Non manipulative technique
* Reduce stress and minor anxiety
* Aid the body’s natural response to irritation and injury
* Ease muscle discomfort after exercise
* Support a healthy immune system
* Emotional well-being and release
* Helps detox the body systems

Prior to your treatment, take a moment a write a card/note to yourself as to what you would like to "let go of".  Seal this envelope and address it to yourself.  Please bring this with you.  It will be mailed to you one week after your treatment.

At the end of your treatment, you will be offered a card to acknowledge what you'd like to "bring in".  That card will be mailed to you one month after treatment.

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Appointments are Thursday and Friday evenings.

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