Food For Healthy Bones

Irma Jennings - INHC - Holistic Bone Coach

Thank you for letting me know more about you and your bones.


Please consider eating one meal a day in a mindful way.

Your bones will thank you, your body will thank you and your digestion will thank you.


Currently I am not accepting new clients.

Your name has been added to my wait list.

My private work is personalized according to my clients needs and takes time to research your dietary needs.

In the past I have worked with paleo, vegans and vegetarians eaters.


We are all unique in our internal profile.

From a food point of view, my treat may cause you tremendou trouble.

There is no "one size" fits all. Or as I like to say, we are all snowflakes.

And no 2 snowflakes are the same.


Periodically I open up spots for my Wait List.

We’ll reach out once a spot opens.

Thank you for being part of my community.

From my delicious bones to yours,



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