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Topic: Dem Bones

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When: Sunday, May 17th, 2015

Time: 9:30-4:30pm

Where: Magnificent and magical 55 acre farm in, Stockton, NJ


5 Integrative Practitioners present an enlightening and knowledge filled day on: Tending To Your Bones.

~ Begin with a 20-minute centering Bone Meditation

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~ Bone Health: Supplements, Medicines and more

The best for Bones and Why, Bone Medicines, Digestion, DXA Test, with Aly Cohen, MD, FACR - Rheumatology, Integrative Medicine, Environmental Health

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~ One hour Iyengar Yoga for Osteoporosis/Osteopenia:

With Jeanne-Marie Derrick

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Yoga and Bones

~ Food for Healthy Bones

Which foods build bones, Which foods deplete bones

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Irma Jennings

~ Tibetan Singing Bowls Vibrational Healing

with Denise Mihalik

Denise Mihalik

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This is our 5th event. All of our previous events have sold out.

Bring your bones, meet like-minded people, be fed on many levels and just BE.

Your bones will thank you!

Co Creators: Vicki Sarnoff, Patty Oceanak, Irma Jennings



Investment in your health and your Bones


Price includes a Bone Strengthening Alkalizing Organic Meal.

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Questions: [email protected]

Ute Arnold presenting MDOH 10/19/14



From our previous event on 10/19/14.

Ute Arnold, Body Centered Psychotherapist presenting "Listen to Your Body" to a packed house.

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