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Bone Quality - Trabecular Bone Score

August 18, 2019
Irma Jennings

Bone Quality:

Since I started working in the field of bone health there is a common thread that drives a bigger question. 

Is the DXA test (which measures bone density) the only way to determine the overall health of your bones?

But what about bone quality?


Dr. Lani Simpson interviewed the researcher and developer of the Trabecular Bones Score TBS software, Dr. Didier Hans.

They discussed bone density testing, with a special focus on the TBS score.

The recording and notes are now available.


Bone density testing (DXA) is an important piece of the bone health picture, but not the whole story.

Bone quality helps (TBS) explains why some people can have the same exact bone density, while one person fractures easily, and the other does not.

If bone quality is poor, there is less flexibility in the bones to withstand impact.

Bone quality can be assessed by software (TBS) that a bone density facility can purchase.







Not all facilities have this software.
It is a critical piece of information for your bone health.


The facility I use offers the TBS as part of the DXA test.
They do an excellent job. 
​You'll need a script from your doctor to get a DXA/TBS.

The Perlman Center for Advanced Medicine
University of Penn
3400 Civic Center
Ground Floor 300 S. Pavilion
Philadelphia, PA

DXA tests are covered by medical insurance every two years.

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