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Irma Jennings - INHC - Holistic Bone Coach

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]–Celebrate my clients, their bones and their dreams–

Irma and Skelly largeMy clients want a stronger, more knowledgeable relationship between themselves and their food choices.

They know that by choosing calcium-rich foods as their "first step solution" benefits their bones and their life.

They already understand the powerful healing properties of unprocessed, organic bone-strengthening foods.

And most importantly want to understand the wise intelligence of the body; the body whispers, the signals to better health and a more satisfying life.

But they’re lost and confused by the “latest” news/fads about food.

My clients’ kitchen skills vary from “how do I hold a knife?” to gourmet chefs.  Yet they share several common characteristics:

- Their bones are weakening

- They’ve connected the dots that “food is medicine

- They understand our skeleton is our foundation, our infrastructure

We hold hands, as we navigate the uneven terrain of osteopenia and osteoporosis and debunk food myths.

It's rewarding to observe them shifting from living their lives as “victims of momentum” to being fully present.  Making lifestyle choices that feed their dream and their bones.

Love to share easy-to-use recipes to bring bone strengthening calcium and mineral-rich foods to their lives.

Dancing with my Bones

Love to know more about you and how I can support you.

Let’s connect. Here are the services I offer.

Are you already a member of my Bones Community?

If not, join us and get my 30 Essential Foods for Bone Health

Feeling good while dancing with my Bones!


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